Thomas Kilduff, KC*HS

Thomas Kilduff, KC*HS was admitted into the Order in 2009, having been introduced by his late father, Chevalier Kevin Kilduff. He was awarded the Pilgrim Shell of Jerusalem in 2010 and has visited the Holy Land on organized pilgrimages and independently, to support the ‘living stones’.
Thomas works as a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner in the U.K. and returns frequently to Cavan, his hometown. He represented the Lieutenancy at the International Eucharist Congress in Budapest in September 2021 and has attended investiture ceremonies in the U.K., Spain and Norway.
Responsible for external communications, Thomas currently manages the Lieutenancy Facebook Page and collates articles for both the Website and Newsletter. His role is to promote the work of the Order and increase visibility of the Lieutenancy, via social and print media.