The House was filled with the fragrance of the perfume

Our Lieutenancy Secretary, Confrère Mark Kane, KHS, has recently had the opportunity and pleasure to read the excellent publication The House was filled with the Fragrance of the Perfume: A Spirituality of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, in which the author, our Grand Master H.E. Fernando Cardinal Filoni (2020 pp. 10-11), opines that:
“it would be worthwhile to recall some typical characteristics of a chivalric order.
.. chivalry was perceived as an organisation of self-discipline, rich in generosity and courage, and of virtues that lead to highly ethical behaviour…
.. among these lofty virtues we find the most essential the supreme reference to God (religiositas, pietas), prudence (prudentia), loyalty (fides), faithfulness (fidelitas), solidarity among members (concordia), honour and nobility of mind (dignitas), an irreproachable civic conduct (status), self-abnegation and prowess (virtus), gratitude (gratitudo), and dedication to loved ones (amor)”
Confrère Mark thinks there is unquestionable value in each member meditating on this excerpt and seeking to apply the Grand Master’s chivalric precepts in their personal and professional life for the betterment of society and the Church that we are.