Palm of Jerusalem

Article 42 of the 2020 Constitution addresses the matters of the emblems of the Order.  The General Regulations have not yet been promulgated. Article 14 if the revised Constitution of 1996 provides as follows:

Special Distinctions The following are special distinctions of the Order: 1 – The Palm of Jerusalem (of gold, silver and bronze), can be conferred by the Cardinal Grand Master to persons of flawless moral conduct, especially meritorious on behalf of the Order or the Holy Land. The Palm of Jerusalem can be conferred for the same reasons and conditions, in special cases, by the Patriarch Grand Prior of the Order to persons with established residence in the Holy Land, and in exceptional cases, to persons in transit there. The Patriarch informs the Grand Magisterium regularly of this, sending the related documentation.

Palm leaves are worn in memory of Jesus’ triumphant entry in Jerusalem. Our medieval forerunners would have been referred to as palmers.

The following have been awarded Palms as follows:

Awards granted on the petition of the Lieutenancy

Very Rev’d Matthew McGrath AP, Archdeacon Emeritus,KCHS, Silver Palm of Jerusalcem,1996
Rev. Father Kevin Laheen, SJ, KCHS,Silver Palm of Jerusalem,1998
Neil Herron, GCHS,Silver  Palm of Jerusalem,2003
Very Rev’d Feargal McGrady, KCHS,Bronze Palm of Jerusalem,2007
Very Rev’d Gerard Stanley, KCHS,Silver Palm of Jerusalem,2009
Very Rev Patrick J Mangan, PP KCHS,Silver Palm of Jerusalem,2009
John Corr, KC*HS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2010
Gerald A. O’Mahony, KC*HS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2010
Donal Downes, GCHS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2011
*M. Joseph McDonnell, GCHS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2011
John A Harrington, GCHS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2011
Very Rev. Feargal McGrady, KCHS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2012
Prof. Eamon O’Dwyer, KC*HS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2013
Eamonn Walsh, KC*HS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2013
Margaret Dorgan, DC*HS,Silver Palm of Jerusalem,2013
Dr. Con Power, KCHS,Silver Palm of Jerusalem,2013
Very Rev’d Patrick J Mangan, PE KCHS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2014
Senator Donal Lydon, GCHS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2017
*Nicholas McKenna, GCHS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2017
*Charles Kelly, GCHS,Gold Palm of Jerusalem,2017
Brendan O’Reilly, KC*HS,Silver Palm of Jerusalem,2018
Fintan Flannelly, GCHS,Silver Palm of Jerusalem,2018
Margaret Mooney, DC*HS,Silver Palm of Jerusalem,2019