James Joseph (J.J.) Dorgan, KC*HS, admitted 1998

Confrère J.J. who died on 30th March 2022, was born in Cork and resided in Blackrock, County Dublin County where he and his late wife, Dame Gretta DCHS, raised two devoted sons Carl and Stephen. J.J. was as a successful business consultant, a member of The Catenians, Knights of Saint Columbanus and a man of great faith. He was admitted into the Order in 1998 and was promoted successively to the rank of Grand Officer, KCHS.
J.J and Gretta visited the Holy Land on a number of occasions with the Lieutenancy and both received their Pilgrim Shells. During the 2005 pilgrimage, their son Confrère Stephen and daughter-in-law Consœur Barbara both were awarded their Pilgrim Shells. Together as a family, they took part in the 2013 Order
Pilgrimage to Rome.
J.J. last visited the Holy Land in 2019, accompanied by Stephen and grandson Aaron, part of the Lieutenancy of Ireland pilgrimage which was very poignant and memorable. During our visit to the Daughters of Charity ‘St Vincent Creche and Orphanage’, J.J. humbly presented the Sister in Charge a substantial donation, a legacy of his late wife Dame Greta, an act which made him so proud.
The big man, with the softest heart, may have left us here on earth; but he longed to be reunited with the love of his life Dame Gretta, both now in eternal rest in the presence of God in Heaven.
Requiescat in pace