Students in Bir Zeit School with members of the Lieutenancy

Bir Zeit is a Palestinian Christian town, situated in the central West Bank of the Occupied Territories, 7 km north of Ramallah.

In 2021, The Lieutenancy of Ireland funded rehabilitation works of the Immaculate Convent Parish School Hall, converting the hall (auditorium style) to a flat multi-purpose hall, for the benefit and use by Birzeit’s children, youth, students and elderly to host activities that aim to serve the community at large.

The project was completed in May 2021, at a cost of €21,700, and involved different electrical, technical and mechanical works to be operational and functional.

The major beneficiaries fall into two categories: firstly, 400 school students and their teachers will be able to undertake school-related activities like ceremonies, community gatherings and lectures in the hall.

The second are the 1,500 parishioners, including youth, active members of church communities and societies, elderly people and scout troops who will directly benefit from the newly rehabilitated hall, which will provide a safe and welcoming environment to conduct all activities, gatherings and meetings.

Fr Louis Hazboun is the Parish Priest of Bir Zeit.

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