SIR JOSEPH REDMOND, M.D.,KCHS (21 December, 1912) Physician to the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin.

THE death of Sir Joseph Redmond, M.D., F.R.C.P.I., took place at his residence in Dublin on November 26th. 1921. For the past year he had not enjoyed his usual health, and latterly suffered from heart trouble with the more common complications. Sir Joseph Redmond was the son of the late Mr. Denis Redmond, Sandford, Ranelagh, Dublin. He received his early education at the Jesuit School, Belvedere College, Dublin. He became a Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin in 1878; he was elected a Fellow in 1884, and was President from 1906 to 1908.

He was senior physician, Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin; consulting physician, National Hospital and Coombe Hospital, Dublin. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, and was an ex-president of the Section of State Medicine. He was censor and examiner of the Royal College of Physicians and the Conjoint Board. He read many papers at the meetings of the Medical Section of the Royal Academy of Medicine. Sir Joseph Redmond was very popular amongst the members of his profession, and was a highly esteemed citizen of Dublin.

The Land Valuation Books name a Richard Macready as the occupant in 1897 of Gort Mhuire and it would seem from this book that the house was vacant from 1906 until 1909 when it was bought by Dr. Joseph Michael Redmond, F.R.C.P.R.C.S.I., who was Physician to the Mater Hospital, Consulting Physician to the Coombe Hospital, and to St. Michael’s Hospital, Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire), Co. Dublin. In 1916 he was made President of the Royal College of Physicians. The title ‘Sir’ went with that office. He never used it but his wife, Lady Oswaldine Redmond, did. 

They had an oratory in the house which was the room above the main entrance where Jesuit Fathers from Milltown Park offered Mass occasionally. The water-tower was occupied by Irish soldiers during the “troubles.” They were accustomed to make their way across the fields to Byrne’s lodge for food as they were a great cause of anxiety to the Redmonds. Lady Redmond embellished the present entrance to the house by putting lights on the pillars as the long avenue was bordered with trees and was very dark. Though the ICA book states that she died in 1924 the Land Valuation Books show that she was paying them for the property until 1928. There is a mystery as to who occupied the house after her death. The ICA account (p.45) says that Oswald Hegarty, B.L., a barrister, bought it in 1924 and sold it to the Lefroy family in 1930. Hegarty’s name does not appear in the Land Valuation Books. They state that Hubert Dudgeon was the proprietor in 1930 and Arthur St Huet in 1931. The latter’s name is still remembered by the Byrne family. The same books name the Lefroy family as the owners in 1932. They remained there until 1944.