On Friday 22nd July 2022, His Excellency Bishop William Shomali, the General Vicar and Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem awarded promotions to nine members of the Order including: Dame Maureen Jones, Dame Grand Cross (Dublin); Chevalier Brendan O’Reilly, Knight Grand Cross (Dublin); Chevalier Frank Hurl, Knight Commander with Star (Dublin); Chevalier Raphael Kelly, Knight Commander with Star (Dublin); Chevalier Mark Kane, Knight Commander (Galway); Chevalier Aindrias O Caoimh, Knight Commander (Dublin); Chevalier Florence Madden, Knight Commander (Dublin): Chevalier Alphonsus Mealy, Knight Commander (Kilkenny) and Dame Anne Harrington, Dame Commander (Cork).

On Saturday 23rd July 2022, His Excellency Peter Durnin, Lieutenant,  awarded promotion to Chevalier Anthony Harbinson, Knight Commander with Star (Antrim).