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Dear Friends and benefactors.

What a joy it is for us to be joined by you in the present, to be able to share with you our joys, projects, worries and in some way our sufferings in a humane manner. Our children are doing fine. They are around ninety children and are divided into external children, social cases children hosted during day at the day-care center, and internal children. This year was very busy. We welcomed nineteen new children; most of them are newborns ranging from few hours to few days of age. It is as always, they are welcomed with great love and care.
Our girls “triplets” were lucky to be reunited with their mother; who had entrusted them to us more than twenty months ago, because she was sick and had to be hospitalized.
Twelve children joined the SOS Village Institution. This will allow them to live within the SOS Village’s families system.
Four other children were fortunate to be fostered by families within the country. They are not adopted because the law does not allow that, but at least they will enjoy family affection.More and more pilgrims come to see our children each year. They get to spend with them and share a moment rich in affection and emotion. The house is always vivid and warm hearted.Similarly, local associations and youth movements come to spend time and visit the children. They organize games or shows.  They always make us feel happy. We enjoy such experiences since they remind us of the goodness in humans, the goodness that is from our loving God. The youth also carry with them wonderful memories of having served these little ones with love, and get to appreciate the gift of life.These acts of generosity of all kinds, and the presence of all those people by our side, confirm to us with joy that the Lord does not forget “the little ones” and that He continues to send generous people with noble heart, people capable of surpassing themselves to come to the aid of their brethren.Our Pope Francis also continues to invite everyone to overcome “indifference” and open “the door of our heart” to Jesus who manifests in the poor. “No clenched fists and arms crossed, but hands active and tense towards the poor” having the courage to love, not just with words but also with actions.For that, dear friends and benefactors do not cease your generosity that we need so much to provide our children with everything they need, so that they can grow up in peace and love.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2020

I assure you of my faithful prayer for every one of you,

Sœur Denise ABU HAIDAR.,

Fille de la charité.