Bishop Stephen Reville, O.S.A. created GCHS 30 March, 1910. (May 1844 – September 1916), Bishop of Sandhurst, Australia. 

Martin Crane O.S.A. was consecrated bishop in Dublin on 21 September 1874 by Cardinal Cullen, one of the assistants being Patrick Francis Moran, later Cardinal Archbishop of Sydney. He brought two priests with him to Australia, one of them being his cousin, Fr. Stephen Reville who would become his right hand, as the Vicar General, coadjutor, and successor. He was given an enthusiastic welcome to Sandhurst by all classes, and was installed wit due solemnity on 23 May 1875 by his brother Augustinian, Archbishop Goold.

In 1885 Stephen Reville O.S.A. was ordained as Coadjutor Bishop to Dr. Crane. For the next sixteen years he would bear a great deal of the responsibility of the Diocese of Sandhurst.