In 2017  one of our members, Comdt Frank Hearns,  undertook a charity cycle from Malahide to Rome in the context of his 75th. birthday. Its purpose was in support of “the children of Aleppo”. They were remitted to Father Ibrahim  al Sabagh ofm who is the parish priest of the Latin community based there. 

This was used for summer camps for 350 children in 2018.  As they had not had the opportunity to play during the war, there was a substantial leap in their scholastic education. They also had cooking courses and courses in dancing. It also financed another 5 summer camps as well as camps for 600 adults and for more than 400 university students. Many of the participants had never left Aleppo due to combat at all, or for many years in the case of adults. Food packs were provided 400 families during a period of four months for which the first beneficiaries were children. 

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