Stephen Dorgan, KCHS

Stephen Dorgan, KCHS was admitted into the Order in 2003, along with his wife Barbara. Stephen & Barbara were introduced to the Order by his recently deceased father Chevalier Jim Dorgan, KCHS and his late mother Dame Gretta Dorgan, DC*HS.
He has visited the Holy Land on a number of occasions with the Lieutenancy, and during the 2005 pilgrimage both he and Barbara were awarded the Pilgrim Shell. Also, he took part in the 2013 Pilgrimage to Rome and the 2019 pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Stephen works with global industrial and healthcare organisations as an Advisor, CEO and Non-Executive Director. He travels extensively (even during the pandemic), and splits his time across several countries.
He has served as a Trustee for several charities, and spends his spare time researching healthcare systems at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Stephen has represented the Lieutenancy at investitures in the U.K. and Austria.
He supports the Lieutenant and Council on IT and Planning topics.