Gearóid Williams, KC*HS

Gearóid Williams, KC*HS, was introduced to the Order in 2013, by Judge Patrick Durcan. In 2018, he was appointed to Council by the Lieutenant when he formed his first Council.
Upon the sad and untimely death of the then Chancellor Thomas Lynch, Gearóid was appointed to the office of Chancellor in 2020.
Gearóid is a Solicitor with a practice operating from Kilrush, County Clare. He is married to Mary O’Sullivan, who is a GP in Kilrush. They have four children, the youngest of whom is now 24.
The Chancellor’s duties are to assist the Lieutenant; encourage and process new admissions; arrange for the provision of cloaks, berets and insignia for the new members and promotion ceremonies. In addition, to assist in the selection of candidates for promotion within the Order; communicate with the University Chaplains and seek their support in increasing knowledge of the Order, its purpose and aims among the students and to deputise for the Lieutenant, when requested to do so.