daughter's of charity creche Bethlehem

The Crèche of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul is a refuge for abandoned children in Bethlehem. The sisters, who belong to the St. Vincent de Paul family of religious men and women, came to Bethlehem in 1884 with a mission to care for the poor, the sick and the marginalized. They founded a hospital and later, in 1905, set up an orphanage to house the babies abandoned on their doorstep. The Crèche has grown since, now offering shelter to expectant mothers and a home for children.

At the Crèche, the mission of the sisters and their team is to serve the most vulnerable children and mothers in Palestine.

Sister Denise Abu Haider, who serves the sisters in Bethlehem as their superior and directs the Crèche, hails from Batroun in northern Lebanon. Her role requires confronting many challenges in this deeply patriarchal society, but her belief in her mission and her steadfast faith provide her with the strength she needs.

Faith plays a major role, faith in Jesus and God in the faces of those who come here,” she says of her community’s commitment. We celebrate Christ every day and the birth of the Saviour in the children we save.”

Since 2012, the Lieutenancy of Ireland has donated in excess of €20,000 towards the operational costs of the Creche.

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