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Care and love for people with disabilities the centers and homes sustained by the Order

Script for the theme of Care 

Voice off + images: For very long time, the Catholic Church in the Holy Land has been creating supportive environments for people with disabilities, especially for children, through the founding of homes that welcome them and promote their inclusion into society. In Jordan, for example, the home Our Lady of Peace Center, established in 2004, provides free daily services for people with disabilities, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, regardless of their age, nationality, religion or gender.


Fr. Shawki Baterian, director OLOPC: The mission of the center consists in helping the poorest of the poor especially the disabled people. In Jordan 13% suffers from disability therefore the idea of the center when it was funded in 2003 is to provide the service free of charge to all Jordanians regardless religion and nationality.

Voice off + images: The OLOPC also supports Iraqi refugees by providing them with jobs and by teaching them skills they can use to find job abroad.

Fr. Shawki Baterian, director OLOPC: The main problem with Iraqi refugees is that they cannot have a permission in Jordan to work, therefore the only place where they can work is inside the Church. Within the institution of the Church they can work and be protected.

Voice off + images: To expand and develop more activities and be able to work with more children, the OLOPC relies on the help of different groups and associations. One of the most prominent is the Order of the Holy Sepulchre which has been supporting them by providing funds, aids and human resources. It has also supported the Hogar Niño Dios house, in Bethlehem, where sisters of the Institute Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word have also been welcoming children with psychophysical disabilities since 2005.

Fr. Marcelo, IVE: During all these years we have received a lot of help from different Associations and, among them, it is worth mentioning the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre in a special way, through the Grand Magisterium we have received various aids and from some Lieutenancies such as the Western Lieutenancy of the United States and the Western Lieutenancy of Spain, which have also sent volunteers.

Voice off + images: Thanks to this support, these centers, which are essential not only to the people they welcome, but also to their families and to the surrounding communities, can come up with projects to develop their structures and activities and can help reaching more and more children or adults with disabilities in need of care and support.

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