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Blessed Andrea Cardinal Ferrari

Archbishop of Milan (1894 – 1921), feast day 2 February (Pope John Paul II described him as having a strong faith and a man of enlightened zeal), inspired by the ideal of Christ as the Good Shepherd. He went on to say that the basis of his sanctity rested on his interior life, founded on deep theological conviction, filled with a devout and filial devotion to the Virgin Mary, and concentrated on the image of Christ in the Eucharist and on the Cross. He was filled with a constant goodwill towards all men, a profound concern for the welfare of the poor and a heroic patience while suffering great pain. He died an excruciating death of throat cancer which suffocated him. In his suffering, amongst his last words were those written in his diary: “Let God`s will always be done in everything". He took as his middle name "Carlo" or Charles after St Charles Borromeo, (one of his predecessors in Milan) who inspired him greatly.

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