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Project: Al-Salt Latin Parish, Jordan

Al-Salt Latin Parish, Jordan

Together with the Lieutenancy of Monaco,  the Lieutenancy of Ireland shall finance the renovation of the Priest’s House, Salt. 

The Irish contribution will be €45,000 of a total of €64,000.

Salt is an ancient agricultural town and administrative center in west-central Jordan.

The priest’s house is part of the Salt convent complex. It’s one of the oldest structures in the area and has been neglected for decades.

The house requires a swift and effective intervention to bring it back to healthy living standards as it is currently deemed unfit for human habitation.

The project will include demolishing the old partitions, toilets and kitchen and building new ones with brand new aluminium windows

The direct beneficiaries of the project are the parish priest who will be able to live in a proper space with improved living conditions for his coming years of service in the parish, and the future parish priests who will serve in Salt.

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