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Project: St Paul Latin Parish Church, Ajloun, Jordan

St Paul Latin Parish Church, Ajloun, Jordan

Ajloun is located 73km north of Amman, in Jordan. It is a fairly prosperous town whose inhabitants are mainly occupied in professional, business, military and governmental work. There are many Christians living here. Outside the town the land is mainly agricultural, with olive trees being the predominant feature.

In 2013, the Lieutenancy of Ireland generously donated the sum of €29,940 towards the cost of roof insulation, painting and electrical installation works.

Infrastructures of the Latin Patriarchate:  The school, in the middle of the town, was established in 1889 in two small rooms of a house. The first permanent building had three rooms. More classrooms were built in 1967, two rooms in the priest’s house were used for the Kindergarten. In 1970, the main school of eight classrooms was built, followed in 1995 by school offices next to the church. In 2005, a multipurpose hall was constructed behind the church and school, a very useful play area with shade in the summer and shelter in the winter, and on the ground floor a good sized science laboratory has recently been developed. After grade 8, the pupils have to go to either private or governmental schools.

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