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Project: Parish Youth Centre and Library upgrade at  Jish/Gush Halav, Galilee

Parish Youth Centre and Library upgrade at Jish/Gush Halav, Galilee

Jish/Gush Halav is a village in north Gailiee, close to the Lebanese border, comprised predominantly of Maronite Catholic and Melkite Greek Catholic Christians (63%), with a Sunni Muslim Arab minority (about 35.7%).

In 2019, the Lieutenancy of Ireland funded the remodelling of a youth centre and a library part of St. Maroun Maronite Church at a cost of €31,000, where we met with Rev. Bechara Sleiman is Maronite Parish Priest of Birzeit and his congregation.

The major beneficiaries are school teachers and their students, members of the Jish Apolostic Movement, Jish Maronite Parish Council, parishioners and members of the wider Jish Community.

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