GA 263/21 Church Brick Roof Waterproofing and Rehabilitation, Birzeit Palestine

Birzeit is considered a traditional Christian village, its ruins date back to the Byzantine era and beyond, a part of the historically Christian region north of Jerusalem.

A recent survey revealed that the Church roof was not weather-tight, which resulted in water ingress to the church and damage to internal ceiling and wall structures. The cost of repair and refurbishment works, estimated to be €43,000, was funded by the generosity of the Lieutenancy of Ireland.

The main and direct Beneficiaries of the project are parishioners of Birzeit and Church visitors, who attend the church to pray and celebrate holy masses and liturgical events during the year.

Thanks to the Lieutenancy, the ancient building of Birzeit Church of the Immaculate Conception has been preserved and maintained for future generations.

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