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Eastern Regional Mass Dunboyne 2011

On 4 June 2011 - 80 members and guests gathered at the Church of St Peter and Paul, Dunboyne for the Eastern Regional Mass. Bishop Michael Smith KC*HS presided and the chief celebrant was Bishop William Shomaly, auxiliary to His Beatitude the Latin Patriarch with Bishop Joseph Oudemane Grand Prior of EOHSJ Brisbane and auxiliary of Brisbane and clergy from the Lieutenancy.

In the course of his remarks Lieutenant Nicholas McKenna:

  • noted that Bishop William celebrated the 1st Anniversary of his Ordination as Bishop on Friday 27th May he was, with Bishop Joe, participating in a preparatory meeting of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress
  • indicated that we as a Lieutenancy help fund some aspects of this Congress
  • said that Frank Hearns and his two colleagues take off from Malahide en route to Jerusalema mammoth task but maybe it is different when part of the motivation is to celebrate 25 years of you our Members supporting the Living Stones in the Holy Land
  • celebrate Frank’s 70th birthday
  • support Sister Sophie and the Bethlehem Crèche which Frank and Margaret are so closely associated with
  • sincerely thanked all members who have given to this most worthy cause so generously
  • reported that in excess of €250,000 has been sent to the to the Holy Land, this year.

He went on to say that the Lieutenancy has always punched above its weight to support the living stones which is a tremendous credit to you the members, and more so in these awful times. Noting that the Corpus Christi Procession takes place on 23rd June, we are asked to support in good numbers in preparation for 2012 IEC. On behalf of the Grand Magisterium he presented to Professor Richard Conroy and Dame Maureen Jones, Certificates sent by the Holy Father in gratitude for your participation of the Pilgrimage to accompany him to Cyprus last year. Bishop Shomaly preached a most insightful homily which may be found in the members area.