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Investiture in Maynooth, July 2015

Here are the first photos of the Ceremony of Investiture in Maynooth (Ireland) in July 2015. 

Click here for the Homily.

Pilgrimmage to Knock, 24th January, 2015

2015 Diary

2014-2015 Future Events:

  • Pilgrimage to Knock, 23rd-24th January, 2015
  • Spring Mass, Tuam 28th-29th March, 2015
  • Corpus Christi,   Dublin, Thursday 4th June, 2015
  • St Oliver Plunkett Procession, Drogheda, 5th July, 2015
  • Promotions and Admissions, Maynooth, 17th-18th July, 2015

Day of Recollection and Feast of Our Lady Queen of Palestine 2014

On the 8th November the Lieutenancy gathered in Emmaus for its annual day of reflection. The highlight of the day were Mass, which had as lead celebrant and homilist His Excellency Charles Brown, KC*HS, Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland. Presentations were also made by Chev Thomas Ryan, GCSH, PP Royal Hibernian Academy and Rev Fr Patrick Daly, Secretary General of COMECE.

The objectives of COMECE are:

  • To monitor and analyse the political process of the European Union
  • To inform and raise awareness within the Church of the development of EU
  • policy and legislation
  • To maintain a regular Dialogue with the EU Institutions (European
  • Commission, Council of Ministers and European Parliament) through annual
  • Summit meetings of religious leaders, Dialogue Seminars, various
  • Conferences and by taking part in Consultations launched by the European
  • Commission.
  • To promote reflection, based on the Church's social teaching, on the
  • challenges facing a united Europe

A number of aspirants were also present.


Investiture of Papal Nuncio, Ardee 28th May 2013

nuncio invest 2013 groupHis Eminence Sean Cardinal Brady, Grand Prior of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre invested His Excellency Archbishop Charles Brown as a Grand Officer in the Convent of Mercy in Ardee on the 28th May 2013. Also present were the Coadjutor Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin and the Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin Ray Field, together with the Lieutenant and the Council of the Lieutenancy.

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Order of the Holy Sepulchre and Papal Knights at the Procession in honour of St. Oliver Plunkett Drogheda 7 July 2013

Participation in the Procession in honour of St Oliver Plunkett

On Sunday 7th July 2013, H.E. Nicholas McKenna led a party of 26 Dames and Knights through the streets of Drogheda during the course of the national Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St Oliver Plunkett. In a break with longstanding tradition the Procession commenced in Holy Family Parish which is in the Diocese of Meath and progressed 1,500 yards over the River Boyne and thus into the Archdiocese of Armagh and arrived at the Shrine in glorious sunshine. The Order’s flag was carried by Chev. James J Dorgan and the acting Lay Master was Comdt R Frank Hearns. Amongst the concelebrants was Rev. Fr. Mark Mohan, KHS.

The two boroughs, one on the south the other on the north of the River Boyne, of Drogheda were united under one charter in 1412 and thus the reason for the Procession commencing from the Diocese of Meath. The significant Church dignitaries attending were Cardinal Sean Brady, GCHS and Grand Prior, H.E The Apostolic Nuncio Charles Brown KC*HS, and Most Rev’d Michael Smith, Grand Officer, Bishop of Meath.

During the course of his homily Archbishop Charles J Brown said:

“It is persons of conscience who shape the world; it is they who will triumph in the final analysis. Yes, they may seem for a time to be, as Jesus says in the Gospel today, like “lambs among wolves”, but let us never forget that the way of Lamb is the way of victory, because it is the way of truth. At the very end, “the Lamb will conquer and the Woman clothed with the sun…” But even before that definitive end, human history is marked by those women and men who have the courage to be true to what we as human beings know in our hearts is right. We instinctively recognize such people and we admire them.
We gather here today in Drogheda to remember such a figure. Oliver Plunkett may have been the last in the line of the Catholic martyrs at Tyburn, but he was certainly not the last in the line of courageous Irish women and men who have chosen to follow their consciences in the face of pressure and opposition. Saint Oliver Plunkett is revered and remembered as a patron of peace and reconciliation: peace that is the fruit of truth and reconciliation that is the fruit of Christian love. His boast, his only boast was in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. May his memory be eternal!”

Corpus Christi Procession Dublin 30 May 2013

The Archdiocese of Dublin observed the Feast of Corpus Christi with a procession through the grounds of Holy Cross College, Clonliffe. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin led the procession at which Chev Gerald Tallon, JJ Dorgan and Dames Greta Dorgan and Catherine Reid escorted the Blessed Sacrament. H.E. the Lieutenant Nicholas McKenna led Knights and Dames in procession.

Day of the sick 2013

At the invitation of Dr Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland, the Lieutenant led a party of 14 members to attend the Annual Mass for the World Day of the Sick in the Church of Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun Road,  Dublin on 10th February 2013.

During the course of his homily, Archbishop Martin recalled that the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 was one of the most significant events in the life and ministry of Pope John Paul II.  He personally recalled on more than one occasion that immediately after his election as Pope the aging Polish Primate, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, had said to him that he would most likely be the Pope who was to lead the Church of Jesus Christ into the Third Millennium.  Pope John Paul took that responsibility very seriously and he used the occasion of the Millennium to call for a worldwide renewal of the life of the Church.  The celebrations of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 became then indeed an event with wide-ranging and worldwide influence in the Catholic Church.

praying-book-coverPope John Paul hoped that the Jubilee Year would become a stimulus for renewal of the Church and a pattern of renewal for the subsequent years as a new century and a new Millennium unfolded.  He wrote an Apostolic Letter to the entire Church in that sense.  It was a clarion call, a call to mobilization and courage on the part of the entire Church, a call to renewed energy and enthusiasm to all Christians to develop a new climate of prayer and reflection and action to ensure that the enthusiasm of the Jubilee Year would not just be a passing emotion, but would lead to a vigorous renewal in the life of the Church.  That call is still valid today, even though perhaps our energies have sometimes dried up.

Today we come together to celebrate the World Day of the Sick.  I welcome all of you: the sick, those who accompany you, the priests and religious, the Ambulance organizations, the Equestrian Order, the members of this parish which offers us such a warm and thoughtful welcome.  To play its role in society, the Church must always deepen its faith lived out in love.  The Church and her institutions must be constantly vigilant not to get trapped into habits which betray the selfless love of Jesus Christ.   Like the disciples in today’s Gospel, we have to leave aside everything that distracts from what is central in our Christian vocation and to become “fishers of the men and women” through the message of Jesus, people who go out to embrace and support those in our society who most need the warmth and the support of Christian love.

It is that sense of Christian love which is the driving force of renewal in the Church.  Without that love all the “mobilization” and “courage”, of “renewed energy” and “enthusiasm” and “action” about which I spoke earlier will be empty formula and hyper activism and leave our hearts only with an empty catch.

Pilgrimage to Knock 2013

The fourth Lieutenancy Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady Knock Co Mayo took place commencing Friday afternoon 25 January, 2013 and concluding at lunchtime Saturday 2 January.

Following on the preparations organised by Chev Charles Kelly and Chev Donal Burke the Lieutenancy gathered at the Marian Shrine of Knock to prepare spiritually for the coming year. The acting Lay Master, Chev Donal Burke, assisted by Comdt Frank Hearns, gathered the members and accompanying spouses and friends for the Evening Prayer of the Church. The Rosary was recited by Nicholas McKenna, Charles Kelly, Brendan O'Reilly, Con Power and Jack Fadden and concluded with Benediction. The prayerful meditation was conducted by Ecclestical Knight Vy Rev Alan Burke.

Afterwards members and friends gathered in the Knock House Hotel for communal dinner. During the course of his remarks the Lieutenant, His Excellency Nicholas McKenna, announced that the Presidency of the Order had communicated to him earlier that day the promotion of two dames, Dame Geri Walsh to Dame Grand Cross, and Dame Aine O'Reilly to Dame Commander. He also stated that members should be conscious in their prayers of the ill health of a number of members. Concluding he stated that a Pilgrimage would be formed for 2014 to progress to a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The next day members gathered in the Parochial Church, abutting the Apparition Chapel for Morning Prayer of the Church and subsequently the Stations of the Cross. Afterwards members processed to the Apparition Chapel where Mass was celebrated by Vy Rev'd Alan Burke, Vy Rev'd Francis Mitchell, Vy Rev'd Anthony Gillespie, Fr Donal O'Callaghan, Fr Mark Mohan and

postulant Fr Derek Darby. The liturgical reading was undertaken by Chev Vincent McBrierty and Chev Frank Hurl led the prayers of the faithful, which included the Papal petition for January "That the Christian communities of the Middle East, often discriminated against, may receive from the Holy Spirit the strength of fidelity and perseverance".

Fr Burke in the course of his homily (the full text of which is in the Reflections area of the Website) said

"Christian hope is also that which allows the credibility of what we believe in to come to the fore. Some social commentators today point to what is termed a "crisis of credibility" with regard to the content of our Catholic Christian faith. Personal holiness, which has been rooted in the virtue of Christian hope, is an absolutely indispensible part of the Christian enterprise......There is an urgent task before us now in the context of the renewal of the Catholic Church in Ireland so longed-for by Our Holy Father of presenting the rich treasures of our Catholic faith in such as way that they are considered credible by those who are searching; to suggest that living by the compass of faith is a valid way for any person to live their life; to call all women and men to full, active membership of the ecclesial Body of Christ, the Church […] Christians hope for a better future underscored by Gospel values because we have hope in the victory of Christ, confirmed to us through his Resurrection, evidenced by the empty Tomb and made accessible to us in the mystery of the church of our time".


After luncheon members dispersed, refreshed for the year ahead.